Rev. Ron Domina

Rev. Ron Domina

I was raised in an Assemblies of God church in Hudson Falls, NY. I recognized the call of God on my life in high school and attended Zion Bible Institute, graduating in 1965. I pastored my first church at 21 years of age, and had a variety of ministry experiences before I became the Senior Pastor at Bethel Full Gospel Church (now Bethel Christian Fellowship) in 1980. When I came to Bethel I knew nothing of the apostolic – it was not a part of my theology.

In the early 1990’s God began to speak to me about new linkages and relationships, but that I was not to seek them out – He would form them. I then attended a meeting where Robert Schuller presented a paper called “Structures, Alliances and Coalitions”. It outlined how God was forming linkages that crossed denominational lines, and confirmed what He has spoken to me.

By 1994 I recognized that Bethel had to move into a new government structure. That led to apostolic government, and the beginning of a shift for the church into a new season. As we made that shift others began to come to me for counsel, relationship and covering. That in turn has resulted in the birth of LMI.

So if, as you read this, you conclude that LMI might benefit you, please contact me. I would be happy to explore opportunities to develop an LMI relationship with you.

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Rev. Ron Domina